Know about the cancellation policy of JetBlue Airways!!

JetBlue airways is basically a low cost airline service of America that has it’s headquarter at John F.Kennedy international airport located in New York City. The services provided by this airline are really satisfactory and all its policy be it the baggage policy, JetBlue cancellation policy, check in policy all are easy and are simple for the passenger to understand.

On the other hand, if people have booked their tickets with JetBlue airlines and are now willing to cancel it then the passengers can simply follow the JetBlue cancellation policy 24 hours service and can easily make the cancellations. The cancellation charges totally depend on the time when the ticket was booked and at the time when it is being cancelled.

Therefore, to cancel the tickets for JetBlue airlines, the passengers should follow the below mentioned steps:

  • This airline allows the passenger to cancel their ticket within 1 day of booking at free of cost. If this time limit increases then the cancellation fee is made depending on the day of booking.
  • The cancellation fee made in 60 days or more depending the departure date is $75 per person including the difference in the airfare.
  • For any refundable cancellation passengers should make the booking under specific days so as to avail it.

Besides, if passengers are travelling by JetBlue airways then it is very important for them to know the baggage policy of this airline. It is very important to know about the baggage policy so that passengers carry limited bags and doesn’t face any extra charge for overweight bags.  

Hence, mentioned below is the baggage policy for JetBlue airways:

  • People can carry their 2 bags as the carry on bags on the flight.
  • Among the two bags, one should be the carry on luggage and the other could be any bag like purse, laptop bag, briefcase etc.
  • The carry on bag should not be more than 22” L x 14”W x 9" H in weight.
  • JetBlue airways passenger can carry 2 checked in bags that should be 23 kgs and less.

Get Connected with JetBlue cancellation phone number

Furthermore, for any issues related to these passengers can call on the JetBlue cancellation phone number and can talk with the concerned airlines representatives. This number is available 24/7 for the passenger so that they can get the details whenever they wish to. The airways executives are well experienced and know all the information about the flights of these specific airways. Therefore, calling on this number is the best way to seek information regarding the cancellation of tickets as well as regarding the baggage policy of JetBlue airlines.

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