Etihad airways reservations

Simple guide to book the tickets for Etihad airways

If you are the frequent user of the airlines then you would know that Etihad airways is one of the airlines that has the alluring features in its flights like the luxurious sitting arrangement along with the best dine being served to the users. So you simply have to follow the steps that are mentioned below to do the Etihad airways reservations :-

  • Here you have to first of all go for selecting the origin as well as the destination followed by selecting the type of the journey.

  • Once you select it then you have to choose some other things like the travel date, number of guests as well as the preferred guest zone.

  • Once you click on the flight times you will get all the information about the flight fare as well as the timings.

  • Here you have to note that you can only do the online booking for the flights that departs more than five days for the current date.

  • And in case you are looking for the number of guests then it is to note that you can book just for nine guests.

  • In case you want to do the infant bookings than you have to first make an adult booking followed by contacting the local etihad office so that you can add the infant booking.

  • So once you reach the home page for the airlines you will be able to see all the information related to the fares as well as the availability of the seats there.

  • So simply select the seat that is most appropriate for you and then follow the other steps that are required in order to do the booking.

  • In case you find that there is no seats available for the flight that matches your preferred date then you can simply proceed to the next step easily.

  • But for that you have to change the selection of the travel dates, as well as the fares then only you could proceed further to the booking.

  • This home page also gives you all the information related to the break up of the fares as well as the taxes so in case you want to know the things about it then you can simply choose it.

  • You also gets the service by which you can know all the things about the guest details for the trip.

  • And it is to note that this is the step where you have to choose your meal as well as the seat preference for the flight.

Etihad airways reservations phone number

In case of any more further doubts feel free to get in touch with the experts by calling on the Etihad airways reservations phone number.

Phone Number :    Customer service: +1 877-690-0767
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Address :             Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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