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Air Canada, as the name suggests, is based in Canada and is the largest airline in terms of passengers carried and fleet size. The scheduled and the chartered service are provided to the travelers that cover 207 destinations. The largest hub of this airline is in Toronto.

Air Canada is a predominant name in the travel industry that provides a number of services to its travelers and clients. The deals and the services that are offered attract most of the travelers towards it. Online services and in-flight entertainment and mouth-watering food make the passengers relax while traveling. The passengers can go for online check-in, Air Canada reservations the seat, managing the booking and also selecting the seats in advance.

Classes in Air Canada:

There are three types of classes in Air Canada:

·         Business--class

·         Premium Economy class

·         Economy class

Let us go deep into this topic and have a look at the features of different classes.

Business class:

When talking about seats in Air Canada, the seats guarantee to provide access to an aisle or a window seat. The seats can be turned into a more recline and it has an adjustable head, extra legroom, and footrest.

Food includes a luscious menu of international cuisine that includes fine wines. The service here is on par.

You can also have top-rated entertainment that includes movies, music, audio books, and much more.

Premium Economy:

The features of the premium economy class are:

·         A comfortable 96.5 cm where you will find ample room to stretch out.

·         A USB port for charging will also be available for you.

·         In-seat power will be available at every seat.

·         An adjustable headrest and a complimentary pillow set will be available for you and you have to bring your amenity kit.

Economy class:

The economy class of Air Canada holds a variety of features like:

·         You can enjoy hundreds of hours of entertainment at 8.9" touch-screen TV.

·         You will also be getting a complimentary hot meal that will be accompanied by a selection of wines.

·         In-seat power will be available for your laptop

These are the reasons and the features attracting the passengers and indirectly forcing them to go for Air Canada online reservations. The travelers want to book their flight for this airline because of the services it provides.

The passengers can go for the option of making the Air Canada reservations online. Let us see the process:

·         Open the official website and there you will see a box where you can fill your place of leaving and place of arrival along with the other details of customers and the date of travel.

·         Click on Find where a list of flights will be opened. Choose the best one for you and click on continue.

·         Fill the form and proceed towards payment.

·         You will get the confirmation email on your registered email address.

Know about Air Canada cancelation policy:

The person can also opt for canceling the flight but first s/he should be aware of the cancelation policy. It can be explained as:

·         The passenger can cancel the flight within 24 hours of the date of purchase and no charges will be levied.

·         After the period of 24 hours, you will be charged with the cancelation fee depending on the type of ticket.

·         The fee will only be refunded if the ticket is refundable.

How to manage my Air Canada booking?

If the passenger does not know how to manage the booking done and is looking for Air Canada manage my booking, then the process is:

·         Open the official website of Air Canada and go on My Trips.

·         You will be asked to enter the last name and the booking reference that will open the details of the flight.

·         Now, you can edit your flight as per your requirement.

Air Canada Baggage policy:

·         You can bring 1 standard and 1 personal item where the standard bag will only be allowed of the size 55+23+40 cm and personal item of size 33+16+43 cm.

·         The items such as poison, Firearms, paint and radioactive materials will not be allowed to carry.

·         You will need to notify the customer care agent if your baggage is missing.

Air Canada reservations officials can be contacted for more queries. They are devoted to helping you in the best possible manner.

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